Our customers include worldwide renowned universities, hospitals, institutes, laboratories and industry. We collaborate closely with customers, researchers and scientists on site, support them, and learn from their experience to develop bespoke workflows to enable them to rapidly meet their goals. Don’t listen to us, instead see what customers have to say about their own experiences and working with MMI.

SIMFO GmbH, Bayreuth, Germany

"At Simfo, we are interested in analyzing molecular profile of circulating tumor cells (CTCs), because CTCs reflect the real status of tumor genotypes. CTCs exhibit high heterogeneity within a patient and for this reason we analyze individual CTCs for KRAS, BRAF and EGFR mutations.
The MMI CellEctor instrument allows us to precisely select single CTCs from patient samples in order to individually analyze their genomic integrity - an important pre-requisite for our research."

Dr. Monika Pizon
SIMFO Spezielle Immunologie Forschung + Entwicklung GmbH, Bayreuth, Germany

Medical School Hannover, Germany

Dr. Jonigk and his team work in the field of lung tumor diseases, fibrous lung remodeling under different circumstances, and pulmonary hyper-tension. The focus is on the combination of clinically relevant issues and the morphology of the tissue, and on the expression of DNA, RNA,and proteins in sub-compartments of the lung. With the MMI CellCut Plus laser microdissection system, Dr. Jongik is able to retrieve high quality samples from the starting material. This significantly improves the accuracy of his results.

“We appreciate the resistant MMI product quality, the professional consulting, and the competent and quick service. MMI instruments are an important basis for our in-situ analysis in cellular tissue. Laser microdissection followed by gene expression analysis is complementary for further routine methods like conventional optical microscopy (fluorescence), in-situ hybridization, and immunohistochemistry.”

Dr. med. Danny D. Jonigk
Pathological Institute
Medical School Hannover, Germany

Imec Belgium

Chengxun Liu, senior researcher from Imec, Belgium, focuses on the study of physiological property of circulating tumor cells (CTCs). His team aims to identify CTCs from human peripheral blood by their characteristic electrical and physical properties to facilitate the capture of viable CTCs for downstream genotyping. An upright MMI optical tweezer allows CTC mani-pulations directly in their no transparent microfluidic chip.

“The MMI CellManipulator Plus optical tweezer was customized on an upright microscope upon our request. The tweezer has been working reliably, with excellent manipulation power and flexibility on various devices, from simply glass slides to microelectrodes on silicon. The MMI service was also professional, fast and considerate.”

Chengxun Liu, Ph.D.
Bio-Nano Electronics Department
Imec Belgium

Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, China

“I have compared all current available LMD platforms thoroughly and I got to say the CellCut plus is the most impressive one and I highly recommend it to our colleagues. Thanks for bring it to me.”

Dr. Guangdun Peng
Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, China
Molecular Machines & Industries Germany | Switzerland | Hong Kong | USA

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