MMI CellCut - Laser Microdissection (LMD)

The ideal tool for the detection and isolation of single cells or group of cells from tissue or live cell cultures, utilized for clinical and research laser microdissection

MMI CellEctor - Capillary Cell Sorting

Designed for fast and reliable detection and isolation of single cells, stem cells and CTCs by fully controllable microscopic collection, utilized in stem cell and cancer research and for cellular diagnostics

MMI CellManipulator - Optical Tweezers and Force Spectrometer

Our powerful optical tweezers system for comfortable, ultra-precise and contact-free manipulation of cells or other microscopic particles; Force Spectroscopy: automatic force-distance measurements by using quadrant detector techology


From high quality, carefully selected, tested, and improved for better application results
Molecular Machines & Industries Germany | Switzerland | Hong Kong | USA

Microscopic Single Cell Isolation: Laser Microdissection - Capillary cell sorting - Optical Tweezers  
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