Laser Microdissection - MMI CellCut

Features & Benefits

Fast and easy isolation of single or group of cells from tissue or live cell cultures Positive sample inspection Predefined target positioning (PTP) Live Cell Application MMI MultiSlide and MMI MultiCap
  • Contamination free cutting
    The sample is sandwiched between a membrane slide and a glass slide and so it is not exposed to the air. This ensures a safer working environment and better sample integrity.
  • Maximum sample collection
    The unique MMI CapLift technology enables highest sample collection efficiency and minimal sample damage. The yield can be verified during and after isolation.
  • Contamination free collection
    The MMI IsolationCap is only in contact with the membrane and never in direct contact with the tissue.
  • Positive sample inspection
    This feature ensures the sample collection after every laser cut. The isolation of the target area occurs in the same relative position as on the slide. The morphology of the sample remains 100% intact and damages of the surrounding tissue are prevented. Reproducible results are achieved easily and effectively. This is excellent for auditability and accurate quantitative results.
  • The thinnest cleanest cut
    MMI uses fixed UV-laser with higher pulse rate and lower power. The result is a sharper and cleaner ultra precise cutting line of 0.3 microns and least sample damage.
  • Predefined Target Positioning (PTP)
    PTP is a patented product feature that allows for the precise, predefined, contamination free visually controlled collection of individual cells on the cap. PTP is excellent to maximize the number of samples collected into a single reaction tube. It guarantees that the isolated samples are not compromised by subsequent cutting which is essential for auditability.
  • Autodocumentation
    The MMI CellCut allows full verification and traceability of every cut. The autodocumentation feature records images showing the position of the cut and of the collection (PTP) on the cap together with the time, date and method details.
  • MMI LiveCell Chamber
    The low power laser allows an gentle cut. In specially designed MMI LiveCell Chamber even live cells can be microdissected, for unrivalled success in re-culturing and cloning. Protocol live cell dissection

  • MMI MultiCap and MMI MultiSlide
    The MMI MultiSlide allows for the isolation of cells from up to three slides and the MMI MultiCap for the isolation of cells into up to eight individual caps without the need to reload. This is essential for diagnostic workflows involving RNA isolation, where speed is of the essence.
  • Serial section
    This feature maximises the RNA recovery by minimising the use of staining. The visible position of target cells is used on a stained section to detect, mark, cut and isolate regions of interest on an unstained section.
  • Z-drill
    By this feature, thick and wet tissue can be cut without using a high power laser. Refocus the laser on different z-levels whilst cutting to minimise the use of excessive laser power and so preserve your sample and maximise its usability for downstream analysis. An optional high power laser is available for working with harder to cut material such as teeth, bones, or forensic tapes.
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