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MMI CellTools software for full on screen control

Intuitive MMI CellTools Software for easy cell selection and full visual process control

All MMI instruments come with the intuitive MMI CellTools software package which generates a live view of the entire sample. High quality components such as the MMI CellCamera ensure high resolution and real time application success when working with a wide range of delicate sample material.

The MMI CellTools software and corresponding Plug-Ins provide full control of the system. Adjusting the xy-stage, camera, laser and lighting conditions is easy and convenient. Automated microscope functions such as objective or fluorescence turret changes can quickly be initiated directly from the software making full remote control possible.

MMI CellExplorer cell recognition software

MMI CellExplorer cell recognition software which automatically recognizes cells under fluorescence and in bright field

The MMI CellExplorer is the only cell recognition software package specifically designed for working with single or rare cells. It has chiefly been developed to find, count, sort and measure microscopic objects. The recognition process first screen using colour, either brightfield or in fluorescence. Fine tuning is then achieved using a range of morphological related factors.

Round shapes (undifferentiated cells), for instance, can be automatically distinguished from oval forms (differentiated cells). Objects lying adjacent to each other are automatically separated and counted. Finally, the found object shapes can automatically be optimized for further application steps, for example laser cutting.

A carefully selected and application adapted set of functionalities guarantees a high find throughput with comfortable level of automation. Nevertheless, a high degree of flexibility is supported.

The MMI CellExplorer software comprises complex image pre-processing that can be performed prior to object finding. For this purpose many different filters are available such as image sharpness, color intensity, brightness, background separation or gamma corrections.

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