MMI H&E Staining Kit

MMI H&E Staining Kit (Prod. No. 70302)

MMI H&E Staining Kit Plus (Prod. No. 70302)

The MMI H&E Staining Kit is designed for users with a need to quickly stain only a few samples and need to ensure that the result is clean, clear of RNAse and contamination free. The staining solutions are supplied in MMI SafeStain ampoules, allowing quick handling without the need for pipetting or the preparation of staining jars.

The MMI SafeStain ampoule guarantees a uniform drop size, and ensures the solutions remain contamination free. The staining solutions have been rigorously tested for the demanding needs of laser microdissection users. The clear staining they need is reproducibly of the samples together when viewed with the MMI IsolationCap. Each kit contains 15 MMI SafeStain ampoules, designed for 30-60 staining sessions. Ampoules are designed for the staining of 2-4 slides.

Improved sample Lift-Off success rate due to quicker drying. By choosing the MMI H&E Staining Kit you help to reduce the amount of water hazardous stain waste and cut your laboratory running costs. The whole workflow is illustrated in the application protocol:
Protocol H&E Staining Kit Plus

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