MMI Slides

MMI Support Slide, 1 piece (Prod. No. 50105)

MMI Support Slide
To support the transfer process from a cryo section to a membrane slide. The MMI Support Slide is designed to give rigidity to the membrane during sample preparation. It also acts as a heat sink to aid reproducibility and ensure you correctly place the sample on the correct side of the membrane. 1 piece for repeated use.

8-well Slide, 1 piece (Prod. No. 50108)

8-well Slide (Prod. No. 100631)
Used for liquid handling on the MMI CellEctor.

18-well Slide, 1 piece (Prod. No. 50109)

Used for liquid handling on the MMI CellEctor.

MMI 18-well Membrane Slide, 5 pieces (Prod. No. 50304)

18-well Membrane Slide (Prod. No. 50304)
If you are working with small cell populations an alternative to the MMI LiveCell Chamber is the 18-well membrane IBIDI slide. The cells are cultivated within the wells. Afterwards, the slide is turned upside down and placed on the stage. The cells can now be cut and isolated with a standard MMI Isolation Cap (0.2 ml recommended). If still filled with liquid the MMI CellEctor can, instead, be used to transfer the cells directly from the wells.

96-well Plate, 1 piece (Prod. No. 50110)

96-well Plate, used for liquid handling on the MMI CellEctor.
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