MMI CellEctor

Features & Benefits

Fast and easy detection and isolation of single and rare cells, e. g. CTC's under full visual control Robotic arm can be rotated to the side... ... for easy and comfortable change of the capillary Smart capillary construction with movables protection cap for optimal work security MMI CellPump with three independent working modes (manual, semi- and fully automated) MMI CellExplorer Software for automatic cell recognition
  • Microscope based software controlled movements of the capillary

  • Easy to achieve accurate and precise cell isolation and deposition

  • No contamination from unwanted cells

  • Faster and easier than manual systems

  • Nanoliter pump allows isolation of cells in small volumes

  • Brightfield or fluorescence automated detection of cells

  • Full process control of cell identification, acquisition and deposition

  • Work manually or automatically as your workflow demands

  • Compatibility with a wide range of accessories and microfluidic devices
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Microscopic Single Cell Isolation: Laser Microdissection - Capillary cell sorting - Optical Tweezers  
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