Molecular Pathology

Laser microdissection technologies for life sciences research and clinical applications

MMI Molecular Pathology

In molecular pathology and life sciences research, laser microdissection is an essential technology for the isolation of cells and tissues for further downstream analysis. Laser microdissection enables early diagnosis of cancers and neurological disorders, and it is now established as a step towards personalized medicine.MMI has developed a laser microdissection technology with unmatched precision and speed where sample isolation is absolute contamination free. The result is a verified sample collection with a high degree of efficiency combined with reproducibility and least sample damage. This creates unique preequisites for successful downstream applications. Furthermore, MMI instruments are highly modular and can be mounted on numerous microscope brands.

  • Clinical and research laser microdissection (MMI CellCut)
  • Detection and isolation of small amounts of cells by microscopic capture (MMI CellEctor)
  • Combined Solutions for integrated workflows (MMI Combi Systems)
  • MMI H&E Staining Kit Plus for comfortable, fast and contamination-free staining without the need for pipetting or the preparation for staining jars (MMI H&E Staining Kit)
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