The key to success in cancer treatments: solutions for fast and accurate diagnosis

If you are working in Oncology then the wide range of MMI micromanipulation systems may be interest to you. Most hospitals and University research facilities now have departments that are working entirely on Oncology. Much of this work is focussed on medical diagnostics. Enrichment of cell populations from tumors from tissues or blood samples is essential for the development of truly effective treatment programmes. The key to success in cancer treatments is fast and accurate diagnosis, target specific treatments and treatment effectiveness monitoring. MMI's technologies are widely utilised for the detection and isolation of single live cells, stem cells and circulating tumor cells from biopsies and sections as well as disaggregated lymphnode blood and bone marrow samples. The MMI product range is able to work with a wide range of sample types for the isolation of cancer tissue from sections and cells in suspension. Researchers use the MMI products for the isolation of pure cell populations for use in genomics, transcriptiomics and proteomics. Gene expression analysis is a rapidly developing strategy utilised widely by MMI oncology users worldwide.

  • Clinical and research laser microdissection for isolation of cancer tissues from tissues and cell cultures (MMI CellCut)
  • Detection and isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells cells in suspension (MMI CellEctor)
  • Combined solutions for integrated workflows (MMI Combi System)
  • Optical trapping and cell manipulation (MMI CellManipulator)
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