Routine micromanipulation

Entry level microscopes for basic applications at a very competitive price

MMI CellCut Plus with Olympus IX53 microscope MMI CellEctor Plus with Olympus IX53 microscope MMI Combi Solution: MMI CellCut Plus, MMI CellEctor Plus, MMI CellManipulator Plus with Olympus IX53 microscope
We are pleased to announce that all MMI instruments are now available with the Olympus IX53 microscope. These entry level instruments are compact yet, fulfill all essential functions and are ideally suited for regular and routine applications. With the IX53, IX73 and IX83 microscopes MMI now has a complete product portfolio for entry level, mid range and high end systems to meet all budgets and cell manipulation applications.

The compact MMI CellCut with IX53 microscope is the ideal tool for routine laser microdissection and more basic applications. This highly modular platform gives greater flexibility, and replaces the MMI SmartCut system.

MMI's compact CellEctor with IX53 microscope is designed for routine detection and isolation of single cells, stem cells and CTCs in suspension for fully controllable microscopic collection.

Compact combi systems can also be integrated onto the IX53 microscope for routine applications and integrated workflows:MMI CellCut, MMI CellEctor and MMI CellManipulator optical tweezers all combined on a single microscope platform and managed with a single integrated software package.
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