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Our goal is to always meet customers requirements in making the perfect micromanipulation tools for their specific applications. Therefore, we heavily value and invest into Research and Development. Our R&D specialists are experienced in the medical devices market and are constantly extending their knowledge base by participating in various research projects and by networking extensively and globally with biotechnology institutes. Due to a highly modular instrument platform, different modules, advanced options, or further micromanipulation technologies can easily be integrated without compromising on functionality. This offers our customers most flexibility for a wide range of applications and for the development of integrated workflows.

We offer customized and complete solutions in the following areas:

  • Cell-based studies, such as cell fusions, cell-to-cell interactions, implant studies, intracellular manipulations (MMI CellManipulator)
  • Measurement of binding forces, such as DNA studies, viscosity measurements, antibody/antigene binding forces (MMI CellManipulator)
  • Molecular motor studies, such as actin/myosin interactions (MMI CellManipulator)
  • Study and investigation of the behaviour of single cells and specific objects or sorting of different cell types into different reservoirs for further cultivation or investigation of cell fusion (MMI CellManipulator)
  • Neuroscience-related applications such as the study of neuronal circuits by positioning nerve cells in certain patterns or in neuron growth-enhancing substances (MMI CellManipulator)
  • Laser Raman Tweezers in Cancer Research for the identification and isolation of cells and single living micro-organisms (MMI CellManipulator)
  • Lab-on-a-chip Applications (MMI Upright Solutions)
  • Other Material Science or Colloid Science applications (MMI CellManipulator)
  • Combined systems for integrated workflows (MMI Combi Systems)
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