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Cutting-edge technologies for fast and easy detection and isolation of single cells

Single Cell Solutions

In medical diagnostic or life science research, it is crucial to get high quality homogeneous tissue samples, especially in genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics. Enriched cell populations from tumor, endothelial tissue, histocytes, stem cells, and other materials are a prerequisite for analysis and patient profiling. MMI’s technology for the detection and isolation of single live cells, stem cells and circulating tumor cells are for example utilized in cancer research and clinical oncology for the enrichment of tumor cells from disaggregated lymphnode blood and bone marrow samples as well as in immunology and virology for the study of monoclonal human antibodies. Furthermore, they are widely used for a range of applications in stem cell research and cellular diagnostics.

  • Detection and isolation of single and rare cells in suspension, e. g. Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC's) by microscopic capture (MMI CellEctor)
  • Detection and isolation of monoclonal human antibodies (MMI CellEctor)
  • Cell sorting on a wide range of biochips (MMI Upright Solutions)
  • Detection and isolation of single cells from tissue sections, smears or cytospins by laser microdissection (MMI CellCut)
  • Isolation and manipulation of single cells by optical trapping (MMI CellManipulator)
  • Combined Solutions for integrated workflows (MMI Combi Systems)
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Microscopic Single Cell Isolation: Laser Microdissection - Capillary cell sorting - Optical Tweezers  
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