Upright solutions

MMI Upright Version

Based on an upright microscope, these MMI instruments allow for working with transparent and non-transparent devices, e. g. for cell sorting on a wide range of biochips


All standard MMI systems are based on inverted research microscopes. However, advances in single cell analysis have seen a shift towards the use of a wide range of non-transparent sample platforms (ie microfluidic devices & chip based systems). Utilisation of an upright microscope platform has enabled us to now develop the first upright micro manipulation systems on the market. Currently, both the MMI CellEctor for single Cell sorting and the MMI CellManipulator optical tweezers have been designed to meet the specific needs of customers wanting to work with non-conventional devices. MMI systems are compatible with the Nikon Eclipse Ni-E and Ni-U. These instruments are the bestchoice when working with microfludic or chip based cell systems where the manipulation of cells in or out of non-transparent test systems is required. We have commercial customers using these systems as an intermediate step for the production of pure cell populations. These upright systems incorporate all the key features of a standard inverted system, utilizing reflected and transmitted light making it possible to work with both transparent and non-transparent devices.

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