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Publication news: “A novel Microproteomic Approach Using Laser Capture Microdissection to Study Cellular Protrusions”

Cellular protrusions are important ways of cell-cell communication. Thus, different types of protrusions play critical roles during development, cell signaling or the spreading of pathogens or cancer.

This study by Dr. Karine Gousset and her team describe for the first time a method to specifically isolate distinct protrusion subtypes, based on their morphological structures or fluorescent markers, using laser microdissection. Combined with a unique fixation and protein extraction protocol, they pushed the limits of microproteomics and demonstrate that proteins from LCM-isolated protrusions can successfully and reproducibly be identified by ultra-high sensitive mass spectrometry technologies. Their method confirmed that different types of protrusions have distinct proteins and it promises to advance the characterization and the understanding of these unique structures to shed light on their possible role in health and disease.

The study has been published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Click here to read the full publication.

Dr. Karine Gousset recently joined one of our webinars as a guest speaker. You will find the recording of her and other presenters here.

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