Molecular Machines & Industries

ACTC-Advances in Circulating Tumour Cells; Corfu, GR

Liquid biopsy is a fascinating and exponentially growing field and has a tremendous potential to significantly change the therapeutic strategy in cancer patients, providing an extremely powerful and reliable non-invasive clinical tool for the individual molecular profiling of patients in real time.

The main aim of the Corfu meeting is to bring together again researchers from academia, clinicians and industry to present, discuss and share the latest information on liquid biopsy. A critical mass of world recognized pioneer researchers and clinical oncologists that have major contributions in the field will commit to the ACTC meeting through state of the art presentations,stimulating discussions, and sharing unpublished data. A highly interested critical mass of participants from all over the world will have the chance to interact, establish collaborations and present their latest data in a unique, relaxing and stimulating environment. State of the art research on the latest technical advancements in the isolation, and molecular characterization of CTCs, ctDNA analysis, miRNAs and exosomes will be presented through selected oral presentations, and highly attended poster sessions. Latest findings on clinical trials based on the liquid biopsy approach will be discussed.

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