The European Light Microscopy Initiative opens its doors once again for the scientific community, this year in Liverpool, UK, from 4-7 June.

The scientific community is welcomed to take advantage of valuable networking opportunities, “hands-on” workshops, exhibitions of the latest technology, and numerous lectures on state-of-the-art, high-end microscopy in the field of light microscopy. Bridging the communication between leading companies and researchers, the event is set to be a hub of ideas and innovation that can advance current research further.

This year’s exciting agenda includes the following highlights:

  • A blockbuster meeting programme covering all the latest techniques, applications, and technology. Topics include:
    • New Technologies
    • Imaging Across Scales
    • Super-resolution and Nanoscale Imaging
    • The AI Revolution
    • The Science of Tomorrow Today
    • Multimodal Imaging
    • A wide range of companies showcasing their latest technology and running workshops timetabled outside of the main meeting programme.
    • An accompanying exhibition in the purpose-built hall alongside posters, food, and drink.
    • A community workshop space at the heart of the exhibition, with many groups hosting meetings and running workshops.
    • An event dinner with networking at the Rum Warehouse.

Mark the date and don’t forget to drop by booth number 42, where our colleague Asif, together with Nikon Europe, will gladly guide you through all the ways our MMI Microscopes can assist your research projects.

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