Recent insights into Immuno-Oncology

Join experts in the field of immuno-oncology to discuss the latest advances in immunotherapy. Topics will include novel biomarkers, next-generation cell therapies, cancer vaccines, and multi-specific antibodies, among other clinically relevant advancements. This year’s conference will emphasize cellular therapies (such as CAR and ACT) and clinical trials, aiming to bring researchers closer to the most recent applications in immunotherapy.

The program features world-renowned experts who will present their recent work in sessions focused on:

  • CAR T Cells
  • Precision Immuno-Oncology
  • Immune Escape
  • Glycobiology in Cancer
  • Cross-Talk with Myeloid Cells
  • Tumor-Host Interactions
  • Translational Research

Join our colleague Asif Khan to discover how MMI is contributing to scientific advances.

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