Spatial Omics

This year’s Spatial Omics Conference will feature presentations from top scientists in the fast-developing field of spatial omics technologies.

Over the past years, spatial omics technologies have increasingly gained recognition in academic circles as they allow researchers to accurately pinpoint the role of each cell in an organ. This approach enables the identification of specific biological scenarios, allowing researchers to anticipate future developments within cellular environments. Consequently, it can help predict disease outcomes or determine the susceptibility of certain cancer cells to treatments such as immunotherapy.

Attend presentations on the most relevant developments in this field, focused on:

  • Spatial transcriptomics
  • Spatial proteomics
  • Spatial metabolomics
  • Multi-omics
  • Computational & data analysis integration
  • Emerging technologies

Tag along in beautiful Ghent and enrich your knowledge on scientific topics while taking in the views of this picturesque Belgian city. Our colleague Asif Khan will gladly help you discover how MMI can support research in the field of spatial omics technologies.

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