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Advanced laser microdissection technology empowers high-precision cancer research

The Molecular Machines and Industries (MMI) CellCut system is the latest technology in advanced laser “CapSure” microdissection.

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The Molecular Machines and Industries (MMI) CellCut system is the latest technology in advanced laser “CapSure” microdissection.
But how? It’s simple: combined, its high-precision laser and CapSure technology reliably isolates single cells from tissue sections to extract RNA for transcriptomics and sequencing. The low-damage laser protects the sample’s surrounding areas, but it is also precise – creating a cutting edge that delivers unprecedented results, while the patented adhesive isolation caps enable contamination-free isolation of single cells and ensure no excised cells are lost.

"Our translational cancer research within the Department of Pathology, led by Prof. Godfrey Grech, focuses on particular mechanisms of tumorigenesis for the identification of novel tumour biomarkers and therapeutics. Using a novel approach that utilises a custom-designed technique coupled with Laser Microdissection, we have successfully isolated and measured the RNA expression of specific cell populations from breast cancer tissues to support our investigations of underlying mechanisms.

The MMI CellCut enables us to selectively isolate specific tumour cell populations based on morphology from H&E stained FFPE sections for RNA analysis. Using this methodology, we have isolated distinct malignant clones within heterogeneous tumours as well as microdissected normal breast duct tissue to establish physiological expression levels. Based on gene expression, we classify breast cancer tumours to identify biomarkers towards novel effective therapeutics."

Shawn Baldacchino, PhD Molecular Pathology Research Team led by Prof Godfrey Grech
Department of Pathology
Faculty of Medicine
University of Malta

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Development of Novel Biomarkers

Living Cells for Omics Analysis

Living Cells for Re-cultivation

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