BRCA1 Antibodies Matter

Did you know that laser microdissection is not only used to precisely cut cells from tissue sections or cell cultures, but this technology can also be applied to specifically induce DNA damages?

In their latest publication, Yang et al from The George Washington University used the MMI CellCut for laser micro-irradiation to generate double-strand breaks (DSBs) in a line pattern in U2OS cells which are widely used for studying DNA damage response (DDR).
As shown in Figure 3, several antibodies (07-434, Ab1, Ab2, D-9, AB-1423, and # PA5-17512) could detect BRCA1 stripes, which co-localized with γH2AX stripes, after laser micro-irradiation.

Together with additional studies, these results are sought to help the community combat the common challenges associated with anti-BRCA1 antibody specificity and reproducibility and, hopefully, better understanding BRCA1 functions at cellular and tissue levels.

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