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MMI offers Sophisticated Instruments for Single Cell Isolation and Micromanipulation

You would like to analyze single cells? We have the tools for precise, selective and easy isolation of single cells.

"At our institute at the Norwegian University of Life Science, many groups are using the MMI CellCut system for various projects. Our group is mainly interested in investigating the function a lymphoid tissue located in the gills of salmon. Understanding the underlying immune mechanisms is a precondition for the development of successful fish vaccines. The MMI CellCut laser microdissection system was applied to selectively isolate the recently discovered interbranchial lymphoid tissue (ILT) from salmon gills. Following RNA extraction we investigated the transcript level of immune-relevant genes in both naïve and challenged fish. This approach provided valuable knowledge concerning the functional role of the ILT. In addition to the indispensable functionality of the MMI CellCut, we appreciate the helpful and timely service by the MMI team."

Ida Bergva Aas Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Norwegian University of Life Science
Oslo, Norway

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MMI offers individual solutions to provide you with the perfect micromanipulation tools for your specific applications.

Customized products

For all our instruments, MMI offers specific, high-quality consumables.


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