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MMI CellTools – The Intuitive Software Platform for All MMI Systems

The intuitive software platform MMI CellTools is an integral part of all MMI instruments

MMI CellTools is designed to combine operation of the microscope as well as all MMI single cell isolation and manipulation devices, thus providing full control of the entire system in one easy to use platform. Each tool bar provides intuitive icons organized in several workflow oriented sub-menus. In addition, it offers a large live view window enabling you to monitor your sample during all steps of the single cell isolation process.

Adjusting the xy-stage, camera, laser and lighting conditions is easy and convenient. Automated microscope functions such as objective or fluorescence turret changes can quickly be initiated directly from the software.

In April 2018, the MMI CellTools software package has been extended by the novel MMI CellScan module. The MMI CellScan seamlessly integrates into CellTools platform to combine Laser Microdissection and Whole Slide Imaging improving workflow for digital pathology and precision medicine. In addition, the MMI CellExplorer, a software toolbox for automated cell recognition, can be implemented into the MMI CellTools package to facilitate identification of target cells for subsequent isolation with the MMI CellCut or MMI CellEctor.

In July 2018, MMI launched the latest version of the software package, MMI CellTools 5.0. It comes with a new interface style, perfectly suited for fluorescence applications which benefit from the dark design. Previously individual handling steps are now automatically performed by the software supporting straight-forward and intuitive handling. The improved scanned-in overview of your slides, for instance, facilitates easy navigation across the entire stage. Several additional features enable for higher image quality, such as the CMOS camera support, as well as for enhanced image and video documentation options of your precious sample. Moreover, the autofocus tool and focus map with unlimited number of interpolation points for uneven samples now provides highest precision in-focus image.

MMI CellExplorer – Cell Recognition Software

The MMI CellExplorer is the only cell recognition software package specifically designed for working with single or rare cells. It has chiefly been developed to find, count, sort and measure microscopic objects. The recognition process first screen using colour, either brightfield or in fluorescence. Fine tuning is then achieved using a range of morphological related factors.

Round shapes (undifferentiated cells), for instance, can be automatically distinguished from oval forms (differentiated cells). Objects lying adjacent to each other are automatically separated and counted. Finally, the found object shapes can automatically be optimized for further application steps, for example laser cutting.

A carefully selected and application adapted set of functionalities guarantees a high find throughput with comfortable level of automation. Nevertheless, a high degree of flexibility is supported.

The MMI CellExplorer software comprises complex image pre-processing that can be performed prior to object finding. For this purpose many different filters are available such as image sharpness, color intensity, brightness, background separation or gamma corrections.

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