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Forensics: Solutions for Traceable and Fully Documented Results

The key to forensic science is to get as much information as possible from the samples available. In the modern crime lab, all samples are screened with the aim of isolating DNA traces left behind by the perpetrator. The forensic scientist is routinely faced with working with small samples or complex mixtures and there is no opportunity to get a second sample. Thus, they must be able to isolate the cells of interest effectively and easily and generate a full audit trail of the work they have done. In sexual assault cases swabs taken from the victim may have traces of semen on them.

It may be difficult to get good quality DNA profiles from the sperm cells due to them being masked by the high concentration of the victim’s DNA present on the swabs. The MMI CellCut is the only commercially available laser microdissection system that allows the location, cutting and isolation of sperm cells under fully audited visual control. The programmable isolation cap allows collection of as many as 300 sperm cells on a single cap, thus maximizing the chances of obtaining a high quality full DNA profile that can be loaded and searched on available databases. Images form part of a full record of where the sample is isolated from and where it is recovered to, this is recorded together with the time and date of processing. The MMI CellCut can also be utilised for the isolation of cells from archived slides making it a powerful tool in the investigation of old unsolved cases. MMI instruments are approved to be an essential tool in the fight against crime. They are robust, reliable, user friendly and provide results quickly for all downstream DNA analysis:

  • Detection and isolation of sperm cells from case work smears – MMI CellCut
  • Detection and isolation of cells in suspension – MMI CellEctor
  • Combined solutions for integrated workflows – Customized Products
  • Isolation of material directly from forensic tape lifts – MMI CellCut with high power laser

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