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You would like to know more about MMI technologies and their applications?

We collected several pieces of helpful documents, protocols, application notes and videos to assist you with your research projects.

Application Notes on Laser Microdissection

Development of novel biomarkers

Download the PDF here:

Selective Isolation of Living Cells for Omics Analysis

Download the PDF here:

Selective Isolation of Living Cells for Re-cultivation

Download the PDF here:

Application Notes on Whole Slide Imaging

Whole Slide Imaging on a Microscope

Download the PDF here:

Live Cell Imaging on a Whole Slide Scanner

Download the PDF here:

Whole Slide Imaging meets Laser Microdissection

Download the PDF here:

Application Notes on Single Cell Picking

Selective Isolation of Adherent Single Cells

Download the PDF here:

more to be added soon…

Videos on Laser "CapSure" Microdissection

MMI CellCut: Clear-cut Laser Microdissection

Isolating and re-growing living cells with laser microdissection

Cutting Living Single Cells

Videos on Single Cell Picking

Isolating living adherent single cells

Catching Protists with MMI CellEctor

MMI CellEctor: Sorting within a 96-well plate


Staining Protocols

H&E Staining

General Staining

Protocols for working with FFPE material

FFPE Embedding

FFPE Sectioning

Protocols for working with frozen material

Embedding & Freezing


General Protocols

Working with RNA

Tissue Transfer

Smears & Cytospins

Application Protocols

Live Cell Laser Microdissection

Laser Microdissection of Chromosomes



Flyer MMI CellCut

Flyer MMI CellEctor

Flyer MMI CellManipulator


Flyer MMI CellScan

Flyer MMI Consumables


Single Cells

Molecular Pathology

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