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Laser microdissection plays an important role in modern pathology and oncology. This technology enables precise diagnosis of cancers and neurological disorders, since underrepresented cells within the biopsy can be specifically isolated and enriched for molecular analysis. MMI has developed a laser microdissection technology with unmatched precision and speed, where sample isolation is gentle and absolute contamination-free. Thus, with laser microdissection you leap towards personalized medicine. In addition, you can combine the advantages of laser microdissection with whole slide imaging (WSI). The MMI CellCut in combination with the MMI CellScan allows you scan full resolution digital slides, to annotate your selection, and to cut cells by laser microdissection – all in one system. This allows you to document and archive all steps of your work with full resolution images. In addition, pathologists and researchers reduce their hands-on time but contribute their valuable expertise using the on-screen annotation feature

  • Digital Pathology laser microdissection – MMI CellCut
  • Whole Slide Imaging – MMI CellScan
  • Scanning of fluorescent samples for the detection and isolation of rare cells by microscopic capture MMI CellEctor

“We appreciate the resistant MMI product quality, the professional consulting, and the competent and quick service. MMI instruments are an important basis for our in-situ analysis in cellular tissue. Laser microdissection followed by gene expression analysis is complementary for further routine methods like conventional optical microscopy (fluorescence), in-situ hybridization, and immunohistochemistry.

The MMI CellScan supports us in our daily work: this tool documents our tissue sections in high resolution and it fully integrates in our laser microdissection workflow. We especially appreciate that we can annotate directly in the image thus saving hands-on time at the instrument.”

Prof. Dr. med. Danny D. Jonigk FRCPath Pathological Institute
Hannover Medical School
Hanover, Germany

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