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Our goal is to always meet our customers’ requirements in making the perfect micromanipulation tools for your specific applications.

Our goal is to always meet our customers’ requirements in making the perfect micromanipulation tools for your specific applications.

Therefore, we value and invest into Research and Development. Our R&D specialists are experienced in the medical devices market and are constantly extending their knowledge base by participating in various research projects and by networking extensively and globally with biotechnology institutes.

MMI’s fully modular instrument platform allows us to easily integrate different modules, advanced options, or further micromanipulation technologies without compromising their individual functionality. The MMI CellEctor, for example, can be combined with the MMI CellCut laser microdissection instrument or the MMI CellManipulator optical tweezer. All systems can be upgraded with the CellScan and/or CellExplorer software modules. Thus, our customers benefit from unique flexibility for a wide range of applications and for the development of integrated workflows for single cell isolation.

In addition, all MMI instruments are compatible with microscopes covering entry level, mid-range and high end systems to meet all budgets and cell manipulation applications.

All standard MMI systems are based on inverted research microscopes. However, advances in single cell analysis promote the use of a wide range of non-transparent sample platforms such as microfluidic devices & chip based systems. Utilizing an upright microscope platform, we were able to develop the first upright micro-manipulation systems on the market. Both the MMI CellEctor for single cell sorting and the MMI CellManipulator optical tweezers are fully compatible with the Nikon Eclipse Ni-E and Ni-U.

These upright systems incorporate all the key features of a standard inverted system, utilizing reflected and transmitted light making it possible to work with both transparent and non-transparent devices. Thus, these instruments are the best choice when working with microfluidic or chip based cell systems where the manipulation of cells in or out of non-transparent test systems is required. Consequently, they are widely used in industry as an intermediate step for the production of pure cell populations.

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