Webinar: The Good, the Bad, and the RNA: Hunting for Molecular Similarities in Interstitial Lung Diseases

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Explore how RNA is helping us to understand the underlying molecular pathophysiology of lung disease and discover the insights gained from using laser capture microdissection combined with mRNA and protein expression analysis of fibroblastic foci.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Applications of advanced instruments for laser microdissection and micromanipulation;
  • The role of fibroblastic foci in fibrotic pulmonary diseases;
  • New insights gained from laser capture microdissection, and mRNA and protein expression analysis.

Join Lavinia Neubert, MD, for a discussion about the pioneering research into the molecular histopathology of FF together with her mentor Professor Danny Jonigk. See how laser capture microdissection and mRNA and protein expression were used to analyze compartment-specific gene expression profiles of FF in IPF and sarcoidosis. You’ll discover how this method elucidates similarities and differences along with shared pathomechanisms.

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