MMI attended Molecular Biophysics Meeting 2024 at Kloester Huenfeld

Last week, MMI attended Molecular Biophysics Meeting 2024 held by Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Biophysik e.V. (German Biophysical Society) at Kloester Huenfeld. The program offered a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in molecular biophysics, covering an array of methodologies and topics. From high-resolution single-molecule analyses to structural studies and simulations. From investigations into DNA interactions to the exploration of protein materials and membrane stability. The breadth and depth of the presentations were truly impressive. Throughout the conference, the presentations not only highlighted the cutting-edge research, but also provided inspiration for future investigations and collaborations. Furthermore, the poster session was also very interactive. The students really used the chance to showcase their research plan and results with great enthusiasm.

The setting of Kloster Hünfeld provided a serene backdrop for the conference, offering a tranquil environment conducive to scholarly exchange and reflection. Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, the venue enhanced the overall experience, providing a peaceful retreat for attendees to connect with colleagues and delve into scientific discourse.

During the conference, MMI had the chance to showcase the single-cell solutions, CellEctor and CellManipulator. CellEctor, is crucial for isolating individual adherent or suspended cells for further analysis or experimentation. Its open cell picker platform lets you seamlessly integrate your imaging, detection, and picking protocols with automated isolation and recognition. As a result, CellEctor becomes a vital tool for a broad range of research projects. CellManipulator, is a customized optical tweezers system. The system can be equipped with the quantitative force measurement system, allowing researchers to perform micro-rheology and biophysical measurements down to sub-piconewtons force resolution.




The conference photo was provided by the organizer.