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Spatial Omics

Spatial Omics

Combining information from RNA-seq, transcription profiling, mass spec or sequencing with spatial resolution provides an important added value to many research projects, such as in developmental biology and in pathology.

Next generation laser microdissection allows you to scan your tissue as a whole slide image and you can cut areas from your tissue section, e.g. you can cut a grid of squares or circles, or you can select tissue by morphology; you can cut large areas or you can cut single cells.

The excised tissue goes into dedicated tubes for subsequent molecular analysis. Now you can map your data onto the scanned image. That’s molecular data with spatial resolution: knowing what is going on and where.

  • Laser microdissection to cut single cells or large areas from tissue sections MMI CellCut
  • Whole Slide Imaging MMI CellScan

“I have compared all current available LMD platforms thoroughly and I got to say the CellCut plus is the most impressive one and I highly recommend it to our colleagues. Thanks for bring it to me.”

Dr. Guangdun Peng Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Guangzhou, China

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Read the latest publication by Dr. Guangdun Peng published in Nature.

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