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August 06, 2018

Investigating tumor heterogeneity, limited amount of sample as well as degraded nucleic acids in archived material due to the lack of fresh-frozen tissue are typically challenging molecular pathologists.

A recent publication from Baldacchino et al (published in JoVE, 2018) therefore aimed to develop an optimized protocol to quantify RNA expression from FFPE material.
This video publication demonstrates how the authors are using Laser Microdissection to first enrich tumor cells from breast cancer patient samples. Next, they were applying the branched-DNA multiplex magnetic bead assay to measure gene expression directly in tissue lysates.

This approach allows to accurately characterize the receptor status, to show differential expression of the mesenchymal marker FN1, and to classify tumors into luminal and basal molecular subtypes.

Watch the video and learn how to obtain meaningful RNA expression profiles from heterogenous patient material.
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