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MMI Single Cell Solutions
MMI Solutions for Molecular Pathology


Vol 3 No 1, 2010
Laser Microdissection for Transcriptomics
Vol 2 No 1, 2009
Laser Microdissection in Cancer Proteomics
Vol 1 No 1, 2008
Laser Microdissection in Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology

Application Notes

Application Note - Adherent Single Cells
Application Note Zebrafish
Application Note ScreenCell®


Protocol Chromosome LCM
Protocol Cryosectioning
Protocol DirectorTM Slide Instruction
Protocol FFPE Embedding
Protocol FFPE Sectioning
Protocol General Staining
Protocol H&E Staining with the MMI H&E Staining Kit
Protocol Live Cell Microdissection
Protocol Sample embedding and freezing
Protocol Smears and Cytospins
Protocol Tissue Transfer from archived Samples
Tips for working with RNA


MMI SmartCut Plus
User Manual
MMI CellCut Plus
User Manual
MMI CellEctor Plus
User Manual
MMI CellExplorer User Manual
MMI CellManipulator Plus
User Manual
H&E Staining Kit
User Manual

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