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MMI Imagebrochure
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MMI Solutions for Molecular Pathology


Vol 3 No 1, 2010
Laser Microdissection for Transcriptomics
Vol 2 No 1, 2009
Laser Microdissection in Cancer Proteomics
Vol 1 No 1, 2008
Laser Microdissection in Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Application Note - Adherent Single Cells
Protocol Chromosome LCM
Application Note Zebrafish
Protocol Cryosectioning
Protocol DirectorTM Slide Instruction
Protocol FFPE Embedding
Protocol FFPE Sectioning
Protocol General Staining
Protocol H&E Staining with the MMI H&E Staining Kit
Protocol Live Cell Microdissection
Protocol Sample embedding and freezing
Protocol Smears and Cytospins
Protocol Tissue Transfer from archived Samples
Application Note ScreenCell®
Tips for working with RNA
MMI SmartCut Plus
User Manual
MMI CellCut Plus
User Manual
MMI CellEctor Plus
User Manual
MMI CellExplorer User Manual
MMI CellManipulator Plus
User Manual
H&E Staining Kit
User Manual

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