MMI is at N4M Camogli

MMI is at N4M Camogli. The Nanoengineering for Mechanobiology (N4M) Symposium 2024 is starting today! Located in the picturesque coastal haven of Camogli, Italy, N4M focuses on harnessing nano-engineering techniques to address mechanobiology challenges. This symposium is an invaluable opportunity to broaden your knowledge, establish connections with both academia and industry professionals, and draw inspiration from cutting-edge developments.


This time, MMI is thrilled to sponsor the event. Our esteemed representatives, Sales Manager Dr. Joerg Bruehmann and Product Manager for Optical Tweezers Dr. Joel Christian, are on-site, eager to address your inquiries regarding potential solutions for your mechanobiology research. MMI’s expertise in nanoengineering for mechanobiology shines through our CellManipulator Optical Tweezers, offering customizable optical tweezers systems tailored to your specific needs.


Make sure to visit our booth when curiosity strikes—it won’t be hard to find amidst the crowd. Once again, MMI is at N4M Camogli, ready to engage in insightful discussions and explore the vast possibilities in the realm of mechanobiology.