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CellManipulator – Optical Trapping

Quantify minimal biological forces

The MMI CellManipulator is a powerful optical multi-beam tweezers system. It enables the most comfortable manipulation of up to 20 single and living cells, microorganisms and microscopic particles.

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Optical trapping of living organisms

Trapping swimming bacterium with the MMI CellManipulator

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Detaching bacterium with the MMI CellManipulator

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Trapping diatom with the MMI CellManipulator

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The MMI CellManipulator Plus optical tweezer was customized on an upright microscope upon our request. The tweezer has been working reliably, with excellent manipulation power and flexibility on various devices, from simply glass slides to microelectrodes on silicon. The MMI service was also professional, fast and considerate.

Chengxun Liu, Ph.D.

Bio-Nano Electronics Department

Imec Belgium

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Optical trapping and force spectroscopy of non-spherical rod-shaped bacteria and diatoms

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The MMI CellManipulator optical tweezers system is based on the mechanical forces arising from a strongly focused laser beam. It enables comfortable, ultra-precise and contact-free manipulation of microscopic particles, single or living cells, or subcellular organisms and the measurement of intracellular activities.

cell manipulator - MMI

Thus, it can hold, move, rotate, join, separate, stretch or otherwise manipulate up to 2 x10 microscopic objects simultaneously or separately in three dimensions. The wavelength of the laser does not interfere with the integrity of living specimens.

Cell sorting and cell positioning can also be accomplished together with the quadrant detector enabling the measurement of binding forces or viscosities at sub-cellular level. Due to multiple ports and dual-level laser integration, the seamless use of different modules and imaging technologies is possible. Automated quadrant detector calibrations routines allow force-distance measurements, so called Force Spectroscopy. An additional feedback module is available for isometric force detections and force clamping.

The MMI CellManipulator is highly modular and can be mounted on numerous microscope brands from entry level, mid-range to high-end instruments.

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The MMI CellManipulator can be applied in various different research projects:

  • when contact-free, precise and easy manipulation of multiple microscopic particles is required
  • when the sensitive and straight-forward measurements of biological forces is essential to address your questions.

Typical applications include:

  • Cell-based studies: Cell interactions and intracellular manipulations
  • Measurement of Binding Forces: Bacterial and viral adhesion studies
  • Molecular Motor Studies: Actin & myosin, kinesin & dynein motors
  • Laser Raman Tweezers: Isolation of cells and microorganisms
  • Lab-on-a-Chip Device: Biosensor assays

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Features & Benefits

  • Manipulate up to 20 microparticles and living cells with an intuitive point, click and drag routine
  • Create strongest trap from 0.2 to > 800 pN to measure inter- and intra-cellular forces
  • Perform force spectroscopy experiments with automatic calibration
  • Combine your MMI CellManipulator with MMI CellCut and/or CellEctor system for single cell isolation in tissue and suspension

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