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CellCut – Laser "CapSure" Microdissection

Clear-cut Laser Microdissection

The MMI CellCut facilitates precise and contamination-free dissection of cell clusters, single cells or subcellular compartments from various types of tissues including fresh frozen, paraffin embedded and archived slides, cytospins, smears and even living cells.

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“I have compared all current available LMD platforms thoroughly and I got to say the CellCut plus is the most impressive one and I highly recommend it to our colleagues. Thanks for bring it to me.”

Dr. Guangdun Peng Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Guangzhou, China

“We appreciate the resistant MMI product quality, the professional consulting, and the competent and quick service. MMI instruments are an important basis for our in-situ analysis in cellular tissue. The MMI CellCut laser microdissection followed by gene expression analysis is complementary for further routine methods like conventional optical microscopy (fluorescence), in-situ hybridization, and immunohistochemistry.”

Prof. Dr. med. Danny D. Jonigk FRCPath Pathological Institute
Hannover Medical School
Hanover, Germany

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Living Cells for Omics Analysis

Development of Novel Biomarkers

Living Cells for Re-cultivation

RNA seq on microdissected neurons

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Laser Microdissection Technology

Laser Microdissection is a well-established technology to cut cells from tissue when the separate analysis of specific subsets of your sample is crucial to obtain relevant and significant data.

The MMI CellCut uses a precisely focused UV-Laser for clear-cut results. To obtain a homogeneous cell population for meaningful downstream analysis, the unique MMI CapLift technology provides gentle, contamination-free and highly efficient sample collection method including full visual inspection at any step during and after isolation. The MMI CellCut workflow is fully compatible with most downstream analyses enabling highly reliable analysis and diagnosis.

The MMI CellCut is highly modular and can be mounted on numerous brands of microscopes, from entry level, mid-range to high-end instrumentation, suitable for routine applications as well as most complex research projects.

The MMI CellCut laser microdissection can be upgraded with the MMI CellScan. This whole slide imaging module supports full documentation of your slides and seamlessly integrates laser microdissection into digital pathology workflows.

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Applications & Workflow

The MMI CellCut can be applied in various different research projects:

  • when the separate analysis of specific subsets of your sample is crucial to obtain relevant and significant data
  • when the precise and contamination-free isolation of cells from tissue is required.

Typical applications include:

  • Cancer Research
  • Oncology
  • Molecular and Digital Pathology
  • Developmental Biology
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Neurosciences
  • Immunology
  • Plant Research and Crop Science
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Ablation (thrombosis, wound-healing, DNA damage….)
  • and many more

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The MMI CellCut provides a fully auditable and automatically documented workflow:

1. Prepare your sample

The section is placed on the MMI MembraneSlide, a frame slide covered with a thin membrane that is inert and has negligible autofluorescence. Afterwards, the MMI MembraneSlide is inverted and placed onto a glass slide for protection against contamination. Now the sample is sandwiched between the membrane and the glass.

2. Select your cells – any size and flexible shapes

The cells of interest can be selected quickly and easily using the MMI CellTools software. The touch screen enables straightforward selection of one or multiple spots, either using the interactive pen or using the mouse, by freehand or with predefined geometrical shapes. The stage is moving to trace the path drawn while the laser is fixed and focused from below.

3. Excise your cells – automatically and with sub-micron precision

The thin laser cutting path enables a precise and gentle extraction of the selected cell at an outstanding speed.

4. Collect your cells – full visual sample inspection after cutting

The isolated target cell is collected by lowering and lifting of the adhesive MMI IsolationCap held from above. The sample morphology remains 100% intact. After cutting, the sample can be visually inspected on the cap. Just add some buffer and invert the tube to suspend your cells for downstream processing.

Features & Benefits

  • Precise cutting of various tissue types and even living cells using patented technology
  • Flexible and quick sample selection, inspection and precise positioning of cut cells by unique and fully auditable Predefined Target Positioning (PTP) feature
  • Contamination-free and gentle sample capture with 8 different types of MMI collection tubes and MMI MultiCap strips
  • Fully compatible with downstream analysis employing unstained samples and low damage laser

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