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CellScan – The most versatile Whole Slide Imaging system

The MMI CellScan allows you to scan full resolution digital slides, to analyze your slides, to annotate interesting areas and to archive your digital images.

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The MMI CellScan is available as stand-alone Slide Scanner supporting all functionalities of your microscope. Alternatively, you can combine the CellScan module with laser microdissection to scan, to annote & select, and to cut your cells – all in one system!

“The MMI CellScan supports us in our daily work: this tool documents our tissue sections in high resolution and it fully integrates in our laser microdissection workflow. We especially appreciate that we can annotate directly in the image thus saving hands-on time at the instrument.”

Prof. Dr. med. Danny D. Jonigk FRCPath Pathological Institute
Hannover Medical School
Hanover, Germany

This video explaines how MMI CellScan and MMI CellCut work together on one microscope platform:

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Slide Scanner Technology

The MMI CellScan provides you with all functions of a Slide Scanner.

Using the 20x objective of your microscope and our high sensitivity CMOS camera, an area of 15 mm x 15 mm is scanned in less than 1 minute, which corresponds to less than 7 minutes for a full slide (75 mm x 25 mm). In addition, the individual focus map ensures that every single image is acquired in the optimal focus point. Thus, the whole slide image is perfectly in focus, even with uneven sample slides.

The image is saved as BigTIFF at full resolution for analysis, documentation and archiving. The digital slides can be accessed with most Slide Viewers. Within the CellScan software, annotations can be applied directly in the scanned slide. Since the system provides absolute positioning and accurate sample localization, the annotations can be precisely transferred to the CellCut to excise the selected cells.

The MMI CellScan is compatible with all MMI products, with all microscopy objectives as well as with all standard microscopy imaging modules, including fluorescence.

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Features & Benefits

  • Most flexible and quick whole slide scanning: compatible with all MMI products, with all objectives, with all imaging modes, and with most Slide Viewers
  • Ultra-fast data processing and slide viewing at any zoom level,… down to the single pixel
  • Unlimited licenses of our MMI CellViewer imaging software for remote work and interactive work also in larger teams
  • Improved handling of sensitive fluorescent samples: analyze your images without prolonged exposure to photobleaching light
  • Document all steps of your work with full resolution whole slide images
  • Full resolution whole slide scanning with absolute and uncompromised positioning, also suitable for subsequent laser microdissection
  • The MMI CellScan module fully integrates into your workflow and digitalizes your images with applications in Pathology, Oncology, Diagnostics, Forensics; whenever full documentation is essential

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Flyer CellScan

Download the flyer for the modular CellScan combined with Laser Microdissection:

Flyer CellScanM

Brochure Single Cell Solutions

Applications & Workflow

The MMI CellScan can be applied in various different research projects when it’s required to fully document and archive your work.

Typical applications include:

  • Digital Pathology
  • Pathology
  • Oncology

In addition to the stand-alone functionality, the MMI CellScan module allows you to include Whole Slide Imaging to your CellCut Laser Microdissection workflow:

  • Scan your slides – full resolution in any magnification
  • Annotate your selection – directly into whole slide image
  • Excise your cells – precisely and accurately

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