MMI LiveCell Chamber

MMI LiveCell Chamber (Prod. No. 50301)

MMI LiveCell Chamber (Prod. No. 50301)

The isolation and enrichment of individual live cells for culture and differentiation experiments, or for their proteomic and genomic analysis is of increasing interest in stem and cancer cell research, and molecular pathology.

The MMI CellCut in combination with the approved MMI LiveCell Chamber enables contamination free isolation of live cells in living culture. Enzyme treatments (i.e. trypsin), other potentially harmful selective reagents as well as time consuming repetitive enrichments can be avoided. The benefit is an increase in reliability, effectiveness and accuracy of your research.

Components of the MMI LiveCell Chamber are a membrane ring for the initial cultivation of cells, a cell culture dish to house the membrane ring with seeded cells, and a UV-permeable microdissection chamber. All components can be sterilized ready to use. The whole workflow is illustrated in the application protocol: Protocol live cell microdissection

Per box consisting of 10 metal rings with a 3.5 cm2 membrane, 10 petri dishes for cell cultivation, and 10 microdissection chambers (ΓΈ 35 mm) with a silicone bottom.

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