MMI CellEctor


  • Based on an inverted or upright, manual or motorized, entry level, mid range or high end microscope

  • High precision motorized scanning stage

  • 3-axis motorized software controlled MMI 3D CellRobot for full control of landing position

  • High precision MMI CellPump with three independent working modes: manual, semi and fully automated

  • MMI SmartCapillary with movable safety cover for protection of the capillary and the operator

  • High-resolution MMI CellCamera

  • Modular and upgradeable workstation

  • Interactive LED pen display


  • Nikon Ti-S, Ti-E, Ni-U, Ni-E, A-1
  • Olympus IX53, IX73, IX83, FV1000
  • Zeiss Axio Observer, LSM 780
  • Others on request


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