Technical FAQs MMI CellEctor

The capillary is blocked.

  • Firstly try to release the blockage using the pump manually. Set up a method using the rinse function and the service slide. Flush a few times first with the MMI Capillary cleaner and then with media. Repeat as necessary.

When I try to calibrate the capillary there is a red bar on the left side of x controller in the calibration menu and I need to go further to the left?

  • The capillary holder is too high in the 3D Arm – exit the calibration menu, move the holder down (so that the tip of the capillary is approx. 2 cm about the highest point of the stage and repeat.

When I try to calibrate the capillary every time it crashes?

  • The plane tilt of the slide is not accurate – repeat the plane tilt and then re-calibrate.
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