MMI just installed single-cell solutions at Tsinghua University

MMI just installed single-cell solutions at Tsinghua University in August 2023. After a period of waiting, our MMI team led by our CTO Dr. Stefan Niehren has finally installed another combi-system in China. This system comprises the CellCut laser-microdissection, the CellScan whole slide scanner, the CellEctor single cell picker, and the CellManipulator optical tweezers system.

The CellCut, our first single-cell solution, allows precise and contamination-free dissection of cell clusters, single cells, or subcellular compartments from various tissue types. It works with fresh, frozen, paraffin-embedded and archived slides, cytospins, smears, and even living cells. Using CellCut ensures gentle, clean, and efficient cutting, providing numerous benefits.

The second solution, CellScan, is a whole slide scanner that transforms any sample format into high-resolution digital data in 5D. This includes time-lapse, Z-stack, XY scan, and multi-color fluorescence. Therefore, it offers comprehensive insights into your sample for a deeper understanding.


The third solution, CellEctor, is crucial for isolating individual adherent or suspended cells for further analysis or experimentation. Its open cell picker platform lets you seamlessly integrate your imaging, detection, and picking protocols with automated isolation and recognition. As a result, CellEctor becomes a vital tool for a range of research projects in pathology, oncology, and forensics.

The last solution, CellManipulator, is an optical tweezers system. The system is equipped with the back-focal plane (BFP) quantitative force measurement system, allowing researchers to perform micro-rheology and biophysical measurements down to sub-piconewtons force resolution.